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Beta Leaders

Chief Executive Officer/Founder (CEO) -Michael McCurry

Chief Operations Officer (COO) -Franklin Williams

National Organizational Chaplain-Henry Palmer

Dream big, look forward and always trust God.

The difference between failure and success, successful people are willing to wait-Unknown

Do what you can, and God will always do what you can't

National Director of Mentorship Coordination-Eric Brown

National Director of Media Operation-Kerry McDonald

National Director of Community Outreach-Michael Hernton

The size of your wallet does not predict the size of your dreams

I approach everything in life with a train mentality-you can watch me go by, you can get on and ride with me, or you can get in my way and get run over -I will accomplish my mission.

My son, keep my sayings, and let my rules be stored up with you. 

Proverbs 7:1

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